Super M2 – DP1 Jack Up Rig for Sale

Super M2 – DP1 Jack Up Rig for Sale


Class : ABS
Notation : +A1, Self Elevationg Unit, +AMS-NP, +DPS-1


Length o.a. : 73.215m
Beam o.a. : 55.78m
Depth moulded : 7.62m
Transit Draught : 5.5 m
Hull Material : Welded Steel Construction, AH36
No. of legs : 3
Leg length : 128.946m
Spud can diameter: 15.24m
Spud can height : 4.572m

Design Environment

Air Temperature : -100C min. to 400 ~max.
Humidity: : 20% min. to 100%max.
Wind Survival Operations: 100kts
SW Temperature : 00C min. to 320
Density : 1025 kg/m3 (For design purposes)
Corresponding wave period: 13.5sec
Wave Height :
15.24m(Survival, of the water depth 300ft);
16 46m(Survival of the water depth 250ft)


Deck Load : 9000kips
Pipe rack : 540Ibs/ft²
Main deck (outside pipe rack):540Ibs/ft²
Quarter’s deck : 90Ibs/ft²
House Tops : 150Ibs/ft²
Machinery Spaces: 270Ibs/ft²
Sack stores : 540Ibs/ft²


Main engines : Made for main generators for Crane &
Main : 3 x GE 7FDM16, 2485kW, rated at
3500bHP,4160V, 3ph, 900rpm
60Hz , with 3 remote mounted
Emergency : 1 x GE 7FDM8, 1240 kW, 4160V, 3ph,
900rpm, 60Hz
Thrusters : 3 x Steer-prop Azimuth Thrusters, SP35,
Rated at Maximum ABS continuous rating 2500KW at 1200RPM

Jacking system :

Rack chock :
Fuel Purifier : 250 GPH
Oily Water Sep : 44 GPM, US10000
Sewage Plant : 1 x 120 man capacity.
Ballast System : Computerized pneumatic control
FW Generator : 2 waste heat water-maker units (Alfa
Laval), be each of a capacity of 8000GPD.
Air Compressors : 3 x IR for rig air, the air dryer will be
provided with a separate skid base.
Cargo Pumps : 2x Fuel oil transfer pumps, 140 GPM, 150′
THD, 10 HP, 1750 RPM
2 x Fresh Water pumps, 10GPM@10‘TDH
1 x General Service 273m³/hr at 35m


Fire Fighting : 2 x pumps 91 m³/hr hX0.701MPa
Life Boats : 2 x 120 person with davits
1 x Motor Rescue Boat (6 men) with davit
Life Rafts : 5 x 25men


1 x Heli-deck suitable for Sikorsky-S-92N helicopter


AIS : 1 x Furuno FA150
GPS : 1 x Furuno GPA-017S
DGPS : 1 x Furuno GP150D
Magnetic Compass : 1 x Cassens & Plath
Radar : 1 x X-band Furuno FAR-2127
1 x S-band Furuno FAR-2137S/12
Echo Sounder : 1 x Furuno FE-700
Navtex : 1 x Furuno NX700P
Speed Log : 1 x Furuno DS-80
Anemometer : 1 x RM Young Wind Tracker


telephone exchange x 1
public address system x 1
sound powered telephone systems x 1
Four (4) portable VHF transceivers
Four (4) portable Motorola UHF transceivers
Three (3) fixed radios for Navi. bridge and control room.
Three (3) Wave-Net Interface Module for local net of computers
Two (2) INMARSAT C Furuno Felcom 15
One (1) INMARSAT F Sailor Fleet 77
DP-1 system supplied by L-3.


The accommodation and mess facilities are fit for 120 persons. The
accommodation shall follow the guidelines for UK HSE regulations
and be able to house 120 men in 4-man cabins (Have Approached
Flag state for release).


Cold store : 1 x 15 m³ walk in Freezer
Chiller : 1 x 15 m³ walk in Chiller room
Provisions : 1 x 30 m³ walk in Provisions room


Main Deck Crane : 2 x Slewing Crane (Each with capacity of
Fixed lifting [email protected] & Slewing
7T @ 39 m)
Skidding Crane : 1 x crane main hoist 280T@Boom 55m;
Auxiliary hoist 32T@Boom 58.8m
4 Point Moor System : 4 x Single Drum winches, Brake Hold
60T, first layer
Anchors : 4 x anchors, 7T ea
Towing : Tow Brackets 320T MBL
Tugger Winches : Pull Load 30 T at 4.5m/min,
14T at 9m/min
Drum capacity 750m x Ø 38 mm SWR@
12 layers

Anchors : 4 x anchors, 7T ea
Towing : Tow Brackets 320T MBL
Tugger Winches : Pull Load 30 T at 4.5m/min,
14T at 9m/min
Drum capacity 750m x Ø 38 mm SWR@
12 layers

Super M2 – DP1 Jack Up Rig for Sale

Drill collar rack sizing: 78-m 260-of 6″ Drill Collars.
Derrick: 317-tonne (350-ton,700-kips),38.4m(127
ft) double racking.
Hook: 227 -ton (250ton 500-kips)
Rotary Load: 227-tonne (250-ton, 500 kips)
Set-back: 227-tonne (250-ton, 500 kips)
Combined Structure: 227-tonne (250-ton, 500 kips)
Draw-works: LeTourneau®249-tonne(275-ton,550-kips)
Model LDW550K, 10-lines 1,119 KW
(1,500 hp) motor and Electric brake
Top Drive: LeTourneau®227 ton(250 ton 500 kips) Model L-DDTD
False Rotary Drive: 952.5-mm(37½-in) pass through rated at
227-tonne (250 tons)
Traveling Equipment: 227-tonne (250-ton 500 kips) Hook/block
Rig Instrumentation: Petron® Electronic Touch screen Display
with 25 parameters/alarms on floor and
within offices.
Fluids Measurement: Pit volume Total(PVT), Fluid Return Flow
Increase (Flo-sho) and pump Strokes.
TDS Speed: TDS speed indicator 0-240 rpm.
Weight Indicator: Petron@ weight indicator
Air Hoists: (2)Ingersoll Rand® Model BU7A winches
rated at 454 kg(1000Ibs).


DRILLTECH 346mm (13-5/8”) 5M Annular Bop
DRILLTECH 346mm, 690-bar (13-5/8″ l0M) BOPs with pipe, blind
and shear rams.
Bell nipple capable of mating to annular.
Two-way 346mm (13-5/8″) flow cross with five (2)77.8m-690-bar
(3-l/16”,10M) manual and (2) 77.8m, 690-bar(3-
l/16”,10M)hydraulic valves.
(2) 20-tonne (22-ton, 44-kips) air driven BOP hoists, BOP
transport dolly with l0M test stump.
Portable 1,034-bar (15M) BOP pressure test unit with charts
Hydraulic bolt torque tools for BOP
1363 liters(360 gallons)CAD accumulator unit(1363 liters or 360-
gallons from 24-bottles), (3) air pumps and one electric triplex
(2)Remote units 77.8mm, 690-bar(3-l/16”Diameter,10M) choke
manifold with surge tank.
Targeted turns, pressure gauge, divert to gas buster. Remote
adjustable choke and two manual adjustable chokes.


Well-bore Fluids Active Pit:
79-m3 (675-bbls) active circulating system with agitators and pumps
Re circulating 5.8- m3 (50-bbl) trip tank with gauge Slug/pill tank,
Mixing hopper- high jet type Mud/gas
separator (poor-boy gas buster) with returns
to tank.
(1) Model KMC FZS225 Flow Line cleaner
(200 m3/h) on Trip Tank.


There are three (3) F&G VFD-440 jacking assemblies for each leg,
for a total of nine (9) assemblies. Each jacking assembly consists
of six (6) pinions, each independently driven by an electric motor
through its gear trains. Therefore there are 54 jacking units in
54 Jacking motors with 30 HP 575 V 60 cycle AC electric motors, equipped
with a fail-safe electric brake
Switchgear cabinets 3
Central Console 1
portable push button box for jacking units including connecting wires 1
Installation bolts


The ESV is fitted with three (3) triangular legs. On each leg are
welded three (3) F&G ARCOS racks. Each rack meshes with six
(6) pinion units mounted in a frame. Each frame takes place in a
jack house. The leg jacking system is designed to elevate the hull
out of the water or lower the hull for floating, storm survival and
transit conditions. It is able to:
• Lift/lower the legs
• Lift/lower the platform with normal elevated weight and with part
of the preload
• Hold the elevated weight with maximum preload


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