DP Jack Up Barge For Sale

DP Jack Up Barge For Sale

DP Jack Up Barge For Sale

3 Legs

Leg Length: 129M

Accommodation: 120 Persons

Length o.a. : 73m
Beam o.a. : 55.8m
Depth moulded : 7.60m
Transit Draught : 5.6 m
Hull Material : Welded Steel Construction, AH36
No. of legs : 3
Leg length : 129m
Spud can diameter: 15.25m
Spud can height : 4.573m

Deck Load : 9000kips
Pipe rack : 540Ibs/ft²
Main deck (outside pipe rack):540Ibs/ft²
Quarter’s deck : 90Ibs/ft²
House Tops : 150Ibs/ft²
Machinery Spaces: 270Ibs/ft²
Sack stores : 540Ibs/ft²

There are three (3) F&G VFD-440 jacking assemblies for each leg,
for a total of nine (9) assemblies. Each jacking assembly consists
of six (6) pinions, each independently driven by an electric motor
through its gear trains. Therefore there are 54 jacking units in


Main engines : Made for main generators for Crane &
Main : 3 x GE 7FDM16, 2485kW, rated at
3500bHP,4160V, 3ph, 900rpm
60Hz , with 3 remote mounted
Emergency : 1 x GE 7FDM8, 1240 kW, 4160V, 3ph,
900rpm, 60Hz
Thrusters : 3 x Steer-prop Azimuth Thrusters, SP35,
Rated at Maximum ABS continuous rating

DP Jack Up Barge For Sale



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