Pipelay Barge For Sale Ref-1216

 Pipelay Barge For Sale Ref-1216

Pipelay Barge For Sale Ref-1216


Class ABS + A1, Barge, HELIDK
  Year Built  2006


LOA 100m (330ft)
Breadth 30m (100ft)
Depth 6m (20ft)
Draft (Minimum) 3.4m
Draft (Maximum) 4.5m
Deck Loading Capacity 15MT/m²

Mooring System

Mooring Arrangement 9 point mooring system (located main deck)
Forward Mooring Winches 5 x single drum, 45MT (mid drum) capacity, complete with 1200m of 42mm diameter wire rope
Aft Winches 4 x single drum, 30MT (mid drum) capacity, complete with 1000m of 42mm diameter wire rope
Winch Control System Local and remote control. Electro Hydraulic system
Tension Monitoring System Fully automatic with payout length and tension measurement
Anchors 5 off 7MT flipper delta and 4 off 5MT delta flipper

Pipelay Capability

Tensioner 2 x 50MT track tensioners
Maximum pipe size 60″ OD
Minimum pipe size 8″ OD
Control System Fully automatic electro hydraulic with manual override joystick control, pay in and pay out
Work stations 7 total (1 x fitup plus root and hotpass, 2 x fill, 1 x cap, 1 x NDT, 1 x repair and 1 x field joint coating and strapping)
Welding System Fully automatic (manual and semi-auto also possible)
Abandonment and Recovery Winch 100 MT capacity single drum complete with 600m of 64mm diameter wire rope
Pipe handling System 1 unit horizontal pipe conveyor, 6 units longitudinal elevating rollers, 3 units longitudinal fixed rollers, 2 auxiliary rollers and 4 stinger rollers. 2 transfer vehicles and 2 line up tables. Electro hydraulic control system.
Pipe Ramp 2.77 degree inclination
Stinger Fixed type


Generators 4 x 1000 kW
1 x 400 kW (Harbor)
1 x 400 kW (Emergency)
System voltage: 415V, 3 phases, 50Hz
Air compressors 4 x 290 cfm
Sewerage Treatment Plant Hamworthy Model ST15 suitable for 240 persons

Lifting Devices

Deck mounted cranes

2 x 280 MT lift capacity Sumitomo model SCX2800 Crawler cranes complete with 45m boom, main hook, and auxiliary hook and whip line.

Optional Davits 4 x 50MT DAVITS
A Frame Lifting capacity 500MT (suitable for lifting subsea structures including PLEMS)

Service Tanks

Fresh Water Storage 1100m³ (approx)
Marine Diesel Storage 1100m³ (approx)
Ballast Certified tank barge with full ballast system comprising 10 ballastable compartments

Safety Equipment

Navigation COLREGS compliant navigation arrangement
Life Rafts 16 x 25 persons
Life Vests For 264 persons
Life Boats 2 x 116 persons
Rescue Boats 2 x Viking 470 GRP


Accommodation Suitable for 232 persons in 1, 2 & 4 man cabins.
Helideck Suitable for helicopter sizes Sikorsky S61 to S 92; equipped with foam system. Cap 437 compliant.
Hospital Clinic c/w 3 beds & dispensary
Galley • Fully equipped galley
• Cool room
• Freezer room
• Dry store
Common Facilities • Fully equipped & furnished gymnasium
• Recreation room
• Laundry
• Internet room
• Common toilets
• Change / Locker room
• Stores
Control Room & Offices • Radio cum fully integrated controls room
• IT room
• Conference room
• Mutli-purpose room
Workshop Fully equipped mechanical, electrical, welding and common workshops

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