New Built MPSV For Sale Ref-1206

New Built MPSV For Sale Ref-1206

New Built MPSV For Sale Ref-1206


Year Built                              March
& April 2016

Class                                   ABS
+A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel,




Length Overall                      86.00m

Length BP                              81.30m

Beam Molded                        20.00m

Depth to Main Deck             08.40m

Design Draft                          06.40m



Main Diesel
Generators           4 x 1825 KW (4 x 2447HP)

Emergency Generator               1 x 350 KW

Shore Power                                1 x 400A Shore Supply Receptacle

 Thrusters                                    2 x 2200KW 360 deg Azimuths

Bow Thrusters                            2 x 880 KW tunnel


Speed at 05.00m Draft              14.00 Knots. 100% MCR

Type of Fuel                                  Marine Gas Oil

Fuel Consumption                       10 – 12mt at eco
speed (10.5knts)

                                                           14 – 15mt at service speed (12.5knts)

                        6-8mt on DP


Fuel Oil                                           780 Cu.M

Fresh Water                                   730 Cu.M Water Ballast/Drill Water          2000 Cu.M

Dry Bulk                                 420 Cu.M                                               

Mud / Brine / RO                          1310 Cu.M

Metanol / Mud / RO                     330 Cu.M

Brine / Mud                                    170 Cu.M

Deadweight                                      5000 t

Deck Cargo Capacity                      1500 t

Cargo Deck Free Area                    950 m\2

Deck Strength                                  7.5t/ m\2                                                   

Freezer                                To store
provisions 30 Days

Cooler                                  To
store provisions 30 Days


Fuel                                                  2 x 150 Cu.M @ 80m Hd

Fresh Water                                    2 x 150 Cu.M @ 80m Hd

Dry Bulk                                           2 x 60t Simultaneous Discharge

Mud / Brine                                     2 x 75 Cu.M @ 20m Hd

Metanol                                             2 x 50 Cu.M @ 80m Hd                                



Cabins                                   8 Single

                                                  5 Doubles

16 Quads

Total Beds                                82 total


1 x Hospital                            1 beds

Offices                                     6

Gym                                         1

Sewage system                     82 POB

Fixed gas Detection               H2s and LEL


MOONPOOL                        4.2m x 4.2m

DECK CRANE                      100T @ 15m, 3000m Capacity


Cargo rail crane                     2.5T @ 15m


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