New Built DP2 MPSV 300 Accommodation for Sale or Charter

New Built DP2 MPSV 300 Accommodation for Sale or Charter

New Built DP2 MPSV 300 Accommodation for Sale or Charter



Year Built 2016
Builder Fujian Mawei
Call Sign TBA
Official No. TBA
Class ABS +A1 Colum Stabilized Unit, Circle E
+AMS – UWILD – Helideck. DPS-2
Flag Marshall Islands


Length Overall (Elevated Hull) 84.00m
Length Overall ( Submerged Hull) 81.00m
Beam Molded 32.00m
Depth to Main Deck 22.80m
Depth to top of Heli Deck Reception 36.00m
Lightship Draft 5.80m
Operating Draft 8.90m
Deep Operating Draft 14.60m


Main Diesel Generators 6 x 2534 Kw (total 15204Kw) MAK
Emergency   Generator 1 x 910 Kw
Shore Power 1 x 400A Shore Supply Receptabal
Thrusters 4 x 2200Kw 360 deg Azimuths

Speed at 8.20m Draft


9.0 Knots.

Type of Fuel Marine Gas Oil
Fuel Consumption 20mt day cruising @ 85% on 2 thrusters
18-20mt day on 24 hr DP 4 thrusters @50%
Fuel Oil 1632 Cu.M
Fresh Water 961 Cu.M
Water Ballast/Drill Water 2259 Cu.M
Bulk Cement 400 Cu.M
Liquid Mud 1259 Cu.M

Deck Cargo Capacity

3800 T at 8.90M draft

500 T

Cargo Deck Free Area 1000 Sq.m
Deck Strength 10t/Sq.m
Freezer To store provisions for a period of 30 Days
Cooler To store provisions for a period of 30 Days


Anchors 2 x 5850kgs HHP
Chain 68mm U3 grade.12 shots pt & 11 shots stbd
Anchor/ Mooring Windlass 2 x 20t @ 0 – 23M min C/W warping heads
Stern Mooring Winches 2 x 20t @ 0 – 23M min


Passengers 253 persons
Crew 47 crew including catering

Conference Room


2 x 14 seats

Offices 5 for cllent
Gym 1
1 x Cinema / Training Rm Mess for 112 seating
1 x Hospital 4 beds
Fully Air Conditioned. HVAC Integrated with F&G system
Fixed gas Detection H2s and LEL
150t   Model TTS 150-32

50m boom

150t @   8M

20t @ 50M

Aux Winch 10T@ 50M
To suit Sikorsky S91-N or Super Puma, (Complies with CAP 437)

Particulars are given in good faith but without guarantee.             Rev 1 Aug 2013


GMDSS: Area 3
Kongsberg K Line integrated bridge consul with automation and VMS
1 x Inmarsat C with GPS
1 x MF/HF-DSC Radio Telephone
2 x VHF-DSC Radio Telephone
1 x SSC Transceiver 6 Channel DSC
1 x 96nm X-band Radar 21″ display
1 x 96nm S band 21″ display
3 x VHF Portable radios
1 x Magnetic Compass
3 x Gyrocompass
   1 x DGPS
  1 x Autopilot
1 x Duplex VHF with DSC
2 x Simplex VHF 55 Channels
1 x Echo Sounder
  1 x Anemometer
1 x Weather Fax Receiver
1 x Auto Telephone system
1 x Sound Powered Telephone system
1 x PA/Talkback System
Local Area Network (LAN) connected
1 x TV and Radio system

Kongsberg C Pos DPS-2, with following reference systems:

3 x Gyro Compass – 3 x Wind sensors – 3 x VRUs – 2 x DGPS
1 x Fan Beam 1 x   Radius – 1 x HIPAP 350
Fire Pumps                     : 2 x 131 m/3 hr @ 10 bar
                               : Fire main piped through out the vessel
                             : Supplied to Helideck with Foam system
Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers as Class requirements
1 x Water Sprinkler system throughout accommodation
CO2 fire extinguishing system in Pt and Stb engine rooms

Emergency Generator Room and paint locker

4 x fireman outfits
2 x fire blankets for engine room and galley
2 x 100 man life capsules Pt & Stb

1 x Diesel Powered Rescue Boat for 6 persons

4 x 25 man life rafts SOLAS approved each side
   8 x Lifebuoys SOLAS approved
   213 Lifejackets as per SOLAS requirement
   1 x EPIRB SOLAS approved
   1 x Line Throwing Apparatus

12 x Parachute Distress Signals

   2 x Orange Smoke Signals
   SOLAS approved line throwing appliance
   4 Embarkation Ladders 2 each side

1 x First Aid Kit

   1 x daylight signaling light
   1 x air horn
1 x Sewage Treatment Plant suitable for 200 men
2 x 50 t/d Fresh Water Maker,
2 x Ships Air Compressor 31 m/3 hr
1 x Working Air Compressor 120/ m/3.Hr @ 7 bar
1 x Working Air Compressor 250/ m/3.Hr @ 7 bar
UPTIME 19.35M with optimum operating length +/- 2M

New Built DP2 MPSV 300 Accommodation for Sale or Charter

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