500T Crane Pipelay Barge for Sale or Charter - New Built

500T Crane Pipelay Barge for Sale or Charter – New Built

500T Crane Pipelay Barge for Sale or Charter – New Built


Class symbol ★CSA, Pipe Layer / Floating Crane,
Lifting Appliance, ICE Class B Helicopter facilities, Non-
propulsion, Crew Accommodation (MLC)
Year of Built 2019
Navigation Area Unlimited

Lo.A ~172.5 m
LB.P. 168.5 m
Breadth 35.00 m
Working Draft 7.00~8.00 m
Gross Tonnage 28533 tons
Net Tonnage 8559 tons

Max.Deck Loading Deck:10 t/m2;working line:5t/m2
Deck Loading Area ~982 m2
Max. Pipe Storage 4000 tons
Fresh Water 1733.6m3
Fuel Oil 3817m3
Ballst Water 18291.8m3


Max. Working Depth 350 m
Design Laying Speed 5 km/day
Diameter of Pipe 4”~60”(with coating)
Tensioners IHC SAS brand, 2x150MT,Local and remote control, multiple operating models
A&R Winch IHC SAS brand, 300MT,Rope φ98mmx1200m; Automatic tension transfer.

Working Stations Serimax STX05 serial automatic welding machines.
Total 10 stations(5 for welding, 2 for NDT/Repair, 3 for coatings).
For Single- node and double-node pipes.

Pipe Handling System 1 main line, 2 Aux. lines. Equipped with 48 transfer rollers,
6 transverse vehicles, 8 frams, 4 line up units, and 3 adjustable rollers, etc.
Welding System Serimax STX05 welding machines.
Position Winches 12 sets ZPMC winches, 4700kW,
rope 76mmx 2500m, [email protected]~42m/min,[email protected]~186m/min.


Main Crane 1 set,ZPMC ;V-wind <20m/s
Main hoist 500t @40m, [email protected];
Aux. hoist [email protected]>70m, small hook 15t.

Pipe Handling Davits 2 sets Liebherr cranes;V-wind <20m/s
Main hoist [email protected], [email protected]
Aux. hoist [email protected]
Travelling Cranes 10sets,hoist brand:LIFTKET; Cover pipe handling area

500T Crane Pipelay Barge for Sale or Charter – New Built

Main Generators MAN authorized,4x2218kW, 750rpm, 50Hz, AC690V. MDO, MGO,fuel comsuption

Emergency Gen. Hechai,350kW, 1500rpm, 50Hz, AC400V.
Start Air Compressors 2 sets, Atlaz brand, 82m3/h, 3.0MPa, 15kW.
Working Compressors 2 sets, Atlaz brand, 584m3/h, 1.0MPa, 75kW.
Pipelay Air
Compressors 2 sets, Atlaz brand, 295m3/h, 1.3MPa, 75kW.

Steam Boiler 2 sets, 4000kg/h, 0.7MPa.
Oil Seperator 4 sets of Lub. oil and 4 sets of fuel oil seperators,
Alfa Lafa brand.

Low Sulfur Oil Cooling
Unit Oil flow 3m3/h,Inlet temp.45℃,outlet temp.

Total Length 79.20m (two sections)
Adjust Angle upward 10°,downward 19°.
Angle Between Two
Sections 7° or 11°
Weight of Stinger 386.0t (two sections of stingers)
Weight of A-Frame 237.38t
Roller Unit 11 sets, equipped with load sensors.
Monitoring System Eqipped with underwater camera and sonar.
Safety Devices Hydraulic drives hinge joint lockl; Safety rope.

Winches 2 sets, constant tension 60t
Winch Rope φ56mm, 2x700m
Drive And Control Hydraulic drive; Joystick control; Synchronization guarantee.

Fire Pumps 2x130m3/h,0.88MPa, 75kW.
Main Engine RM F.F. CO2 system; Water mist system.
Live Quter F.F. Water spry system
Helicopter Deck F.F. Foam pump 2x130m3/h,0.88MPa, 75kW.
Life-Raft 10set, 4x20P+8x25P.

Life-Boat 4 set, 4x60p.
Life-saving Suit 255 sets for each kind
Life-Buoy 18 pcs
EPRIB 1 pcs, JQE-103 406MHz Satellite

STAR 2pcs, TRONSART-20, 9200MHz~9500MHz

Water Ballast Treatment
Unit 1set,UV-type,150m3/h
Sewage Treatment Plan 2 sets, biochemical type, each for 150P.
Bilge Purifier Fulfill USAG rule, 5m3/h.
Incinerator 1 set, 580kW, solid waste 400liters/time,
sludge tank 435L.
Oil Skimmer 1 set

Anchor-Winch 2 sets, 290kN, speed ≥9m/min
Anchor-chian 2 sets, AM3, φ78mm
Anchor 2 pcs, 1x7520kg, 1x7530kg, AC-14
Mooring-Winch 2 sets, 200kN, 15m/min.
Mooring-Rope φ72mm
Mooring-Bollard 6 set, 650kN


Central Air Conditional Karry brand’ medium: R134a; cooling capacity: 2x935kW, 10set of AHU. Heating by steam
Refrigerating Plant Provision store: 2x7kW/ R404a; Meat and Fish
store: 2×6.5kW/R404a.
Refrigeration Storage Meet 238p for 45days.
Fresh Water
Generator 2 sets, Reverse osmosis type, capacity 40t/day
Hot Water Tank 2 sets, steam and electrical type.
Sewage Treating
Plant 2 sets, biochemical type, capacity 150p each.
Entertainment Multi-function AV system ; Double and single rooms are equipped with stereo and TV.
GYM equipped various fitness equipment.
Cabin Single room, double room, four-person room,
totally 238 persons.

FBB 1set, JUE-500
VAST 1set, KVH V11
VHF/FM Radio 4sets, IC-F5220D
Two Way VHF 3sets, JHS-183
ECDIS 1set, JAN-901B
VHF-AM 1set, IC-A110
NDB 1set, VR-125D
VDR 1set, JCY-1900

Radar 2 sets, JMA-9122-9XA
Electric Gyrocompass 1 set, Stardand 22
Magnetic Compass 1set, MK2000S
Echo Sounder 2sets, JFE-680
Sounder Weather Fax 1set,JAX-9B
Satellite Navigator 2sets,JLR-7800
Anemorumbometer 1set,OMC-116
Navigation Warning Receiver Navtex, 1set,NCR-333.

Deck Shape Octagon
Helicopter Type SIKORSKY S61N
Diameter 22m
Load 9.3 t
Certificate Helicopter facility compliance certificate
Auxiliary Facility Helicopter landing room; Foam extinguishing

Welding Dust Purification System 2 sets,
equipped in each welding station, sucks welding dust in time.
Operation Line Fan Coil 21 sets, equipped in each working station, provide cool and hot air needed.
Passive Anti-rolling Water System 1set, Effectively reduce rolling cycle of ship and increase comfort.


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