300 Men Accommodation Jack Up for Sale

300 Men Accommodation Jack Up for Sale

300 Men Accommodation Jack Up for Sale
Self-Propelled & Self-Elevating Unit

Class Notation: ABS, + A1, Self-Elevating Unit, AMS-NP, DPS-1, CRC, CPS
Flag: Panama

Principal Dimensions:

Length overall: 85.1 m
Breath molded: 40m
Hull depth: 5.8m
Design draft: 3m
Max. Operating water depth: 60m
Legs: 4 cylindrical legs, 91.5m including spudcan
Design ambient temperature: >0 ℃, ≤ 50 ℃
Jacking system: Hydraulic, rack & pinion
Normal lifting capacity of jacking system: 5600t
Jacking speed for hull: 0.6m/min
Jacking speed for legs: 1.2m/min
Free deck area: abt. 1300m2
Accommodations: 300 Persons
Variable load: Lifting and lowering: 1200t; Elevated: 1400t; Floating: 900t
Helideck: 22.2m in diameter, suitable for S-92
Design voyage speed: 4.0 Kn
DP system: DPS-1

Main Crane capacity: Main hook: 190t@r=9.5m (min.), 38t@r=40m (max.); Aux. hook: 10t@r=13m~43m
Auxiliary Crane capacity: Main hook: 20t@r=5.7m~20m, 10t@r=30m; Aux. hook: 3t@r=7m~33m

Power System:
Main Diesel Generset
Main Diesel engines: 5 No’s CAT
Type:C18, four stroke cycle, turbocharged
Power output: 492kW
Revolution:1500 r/min
Start: Compress air
Main Generator 5 No’s CAT
Type: Synchronous, brushless
Power output: 450kW
Revolution:1500 r/min
Insulation class: H
Emergency Diesel Generator:
Emergency Diesel engine: 1 Set WEICHAI
Type:WP12CD317E200, four stroke, inline, turbocharged
Power output: 288kW
Revolution:1500 r/min
Start: Electric Hydraulic-motor drive
Main Generator: 1 Set WEICHAI
Type: Synchronous, brushless
Power output: 250kW
Revolution:1500 r/min
Insulation class: H

Jacking System:
Jacking case: 4 Set
Normal jacking capacity: 1400 T per leg
Max. Severe Storm holding capacity: 2800 T per leg
Max. Jacking speed: 0.6m/min
HPU Power source: 400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase
Hydraulic Unit: 4 Set HPU Electric Motor Rated Power: 132KWx2 per motor

Life Saving Equipment
Life Boat and Davit 150P
Rescue Boat High Speed >20kn (3Persons)

Accommodation: Total 300 Breth
1 Man Cabin 10
2 Man Cabin 19
4 Man Cabin 63

Sea water System 3 set
Submerge pump Capacity:400m3/hr
Total head:6.7bar
1 Jetting pump
Type:Horizontal vortex pump
Normal capacity: 40 m3/h
Total head: 60bar
Fire fighting system:
Fire general server pump
Type: 2-Step Vertical centrifugal pump
Capacity: 250m3/h
Total head: 4bar
Fire fighting pump
Type: Vertical centrifugal pump
Capacity: 100m3/h
Total head: 6bar
Water supply and treatment system
Fresh water maker
Type : reverse osmotic seawater desalt plant
Average capacity: 40 m3/d
Salt content:<700mg/L
Sewage Treatment Plant Type:gravity, biological :150p
Average capacity: 10.5m3/d
Air-Condintioning System 2 Sets
CLS Marine Water Chiller
Cooling medium:R134a
Cooling Capacity:1500kW
Compressor Power:300kW
Power supply:380V 50Hz



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