126 m DP-2 Multi-Purpose Construction and Subsea Vessel For Charter or Sale

126 m DP-2 Multi-Purpose Construction and Subsea Vessel For Charter or Sale

Vessel Particular:

Main Characteristics

Length Overall 126m

Length between pp 116m

Beam 24.5m

Moulded Depth 11.3m

Operating Draft 7.27m

Gross Registered Tonnage 9649 Te


Open Cargo Deck Area 1,650 m2

Deck Strength 10t/m2

Fuel Oil (@96% Full) 1,769m3

Fresh Water 325m3

Lube Oil 1662 m3

Ballast Water 1,721 m3

Heeling Tank 1,885 m3

Flume Tanks 835 m3

Dynamic Positioning System

Kongsberg DP – 2 Redundant Positioning System

1 x HiPap

3 x Dual DGPS

1 x Laser fan beam  


FWD 2 x 1,100kW Tunnel

FWD 1 x 1,200kW AZI

AFT 2 x 1,100 AZI

AFT 1 x 4,400 Main Prop


Fully Air-conditioned

Accommodations for 200


Max Speed 11 knots / Service Speed 10 knots

Bollard Pull 96 Te  


 Lifeboats 2 x 50 person

2 x 69 person

Life rafts 9 x 25 person

1 x 20 person

Power and Systems

5 x 2,650 kW Nohab

3 x 1,260 kW CAT

5 x 2,500 kW NEBB

Total Power production 12,600k

Deck Equipment

Offshore Crane 1: 300t pedestal crane.

Auxiliary Forward Crane 2: 25t

Helideck designed for 9.3t take-off weight

Shelter deck: 8m clearance, 316 m2

ROV 2 x 2500msw Triton

15t Fast Winch 2,600m depth

Max Wire Length 420m


Year Hull Built 1980

5 Year Complete 2015

Flag Vanuatu

Class DNV


ROV’s Capabilities

Dual, advanced 2,500 m Triton XL Work Class ROV’s.

One Triton XL deployed cursor deployment system with active heave comp. through moonpool.

Second Triton XL deployed by heavy duty A-frame

Moonpool Launch and Recovery System (Lars)

Integrated A-Frame and Winch Lar

Built in control room close to the ROV moonpool for operation of both ROV’s

Built-in workshop and store within the moonpool area for spares/tool and consumables

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