12 man Saturation Diving System for Sale

12 man Saturation Diving System for Sale

12 man Saturation Diving System for Sale – Never Used

Saturation diving system unit and certified by DNV to a pressure rating of 300 metres depth, is fitted with a 3 man Diving bell and a saturation diving complex consisting of living chambers for up to 12 divers (1 x 6 man chamber plus 2 x 3 man chambers). The system, constructed to the highest international standards can be deploy the bell through a moon pool or over the side depending on the vessel installation.


The system is contained within a steel module comprising 6 separate steel structures, arranged on 2 levels of 3 containers each. On the upper level the Dive Control Room, Saturation Control Room, bell-handling machinery, bell umbilical winch, chamber environment conditioning, diving gas reclaim. The lower level holds the electrical distribution systems and ancillary machinery, 3 living chambers, together with the transfer chamber and 3 separate shower and sanitary chambers (EL). Life support systems are installed for the saturation chambers, diving bell and through the main umbilical to the divers working from the bell. The module is constructed to “Offshore” standards of structural fire protection and has integral fire detection and extinction systems installed.

All main life support, electrical, hydraulic and communications systems are arranged with

dual or triple back-up equipment to ensure diver safety. Main electrical power is provided by the Vessel with the module being equipped with an internal electrical distribution system. Comprehensive electronic monitoring, communications and diver entertainment systems are installed. Machinery is installed to reclaim unused diving gases from divers in the bell and for supplying hot water to the divers working suits.

12 man Saturation Diving System for Sale

Integral hydraulically operated winches for handling the bell, and separate winches for the bell umbilical and guide weight plus a “trolley” arrangement allow rapid transfer of the bell from its “locked on” position on the living chamber complex to the working position over the side or through the moon pool.


A 12 man Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber, complete with dedicated launching system, is provided for diver evacuation. The HRC and its launching system can be connected to the main living complex in a variety of positions allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability of the system layout onboard. The HRC is equipped onboard with gas to support a full complement of divers for a minimum of 72 hours.

Technical details

Certification DNV Build date 06/2009

Depth rating 300 MSW, Temperature range –20o C to + 55o C

Number of divers 12 (Operational mode for 9 Divers)

Living chambers 1 x 6 man, 2 x 3 man

Bell 3 man, 5.4 m3 capacity, bottom mating,

Weight in air 8.850 tonnes

Cursor system, weight 1.12 tonnes (OPTIONAL)

Hyperbaric Rescue Drass, 12 divers, Chamber Volume 6.815 m3

Chamber Length, XX m x W XX m x Draft XX m.

Weight XX tonnes

Speed X knots

Approved to XXXX amendments. DNV

Bell winch Drass, hydraulic , man riding winch

1 x Double Shock absorber Hydraulically compensated

Umbilical winch Drass, hydraulic single system

Umbilical 421 metres

Guide wire winch Drass, hydraulic

2 x Double Shock absorber Hydraulically compensated

Bell handling Drass – “Trolley”.

Habitat conditioning units 4 x ECU

DiversGas reclaim Gasmizer/Drass

Diversgas reclaim compressors 1 x Electric gas Booster – 1 x CompAir Divers potable water Drass

Divershot water 2 x Comanex. (electric)

12 man Saturation Diving System

Gas compressors 1 x CompAir (electric)

Hydraulic power packs (1) 2 x Haglunds (Electro hydraulic)

Hydraulic power pack (2) 1 x Drass (Electro hydraulic, stored power)

Electrical power requirements

Standard operation 950 Kilowatts, 440 v 60hz 100 Kilowatts, 230 v 60hz

Emergency Mode 500 kilowatts, 440 v 60hz

Essential services 100 kilowatts, 230 v 60hz

Mother vessel services The system is arranged to be supplied with the following from the “mother vessel”

  • electrical power (2 x supplies) kw:
  • salt water m3:
  • fire fighting water m3:
  • potable water m3:

PVHO & PV volumes

  • sanitary system discharge to mother vessel.

Bell 5.4 m3

3 man (DDC1) 20.4 m3

3 man (DDC2) 12 m3

6 man (DDC3) 12 m3

Wetpot (DDC1) 9 m3 (DDC1) / (DDC2) 9 m3 (DDC2) /  (DDC3) 9 m3 (DDC3)

HRC 13 m3

DDC1 – DDC2 Trunk 0.3 m3

DDC1 – DDC3 Trunk 0.3 m3

Bell Mate Trunk 0.7 m3

HRC Escape Trunk 1 m3

Material lock 0.25 m3 Medical locks (DDC1) 0.039 m3 Medical locks (DDC2) 0.039 m3 Medical locks (DDC3) 0.039 m3 Bell food lock 0.0044 m3

HRC food lock 0.0011 m3

Waste Tank

DDC1 0.036 m3

DDC2 0.036 m3

DDC3 0.036 m3

Fi-Fi tank (gas head)

DDC1 0.16 m3

DDC2 0.16 m3

DDC3 0.16 m3

ECU 3 m3

Saturation Diving System for Sale

System Skid and containers 13x Container A 20″ – SAT room Container B 20″ – Dive room

Container C 20″ – Gas management room Container D 20″ – Electrical distibution room Container E 40″ – ECU

Container F 30″ – Heather&Chiller + Gas compressor Container G 30″ – Divers Hot Water 1&2 + HPP1 Container H 20″ – Reclaim room

DDC1 skid

DDC2 skid DDC1 skid HRC

Handling system

Weight of the system total gross 450 tonnes

Vessel Requirements XXX

This specification is believed to be correct but is subject to change and is given without guarantee.

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